An activist centre dedicated to intergenerational and intersectional sharing of skills for land justice
rooted in solidarity, diversity & love

a part of the movement for deep adaptation & transformation drawing on the old and the new

building resilience, healing the climate & biodiversity crisis

co-creating a just and equitable society

Land Skills Hub

Who are we?

An emerging community of landworkers, farmers, crafters, natural builders, foresters, campaigners, educators and activists dedicated to connecting people to land and sea.

We are part of a global network of peasants who are deeply committed to the communities we serve and the crafts we tend.

We believe that connection builds peace & diversity creates resilience.

The impetus:

The loss of biodiversity, climate change and rising inequality stem from the rising control of capitalism over our daily lives. Disconnection from nature threatens our livelihoods, ecosystems and communities.

A part of the solution is empowering people to live, raise children, earn their livelihoods and find meaning in ways that are less dependent on markets and more dependent on the land and healthy relationship with each other.

We need to explore a new way of living - drawing inspiration from peasant and indigenous ways of living and anarcho-socialist ideals of community-based autonomy and mutual aid.

Our aim:

We are dedicated to being a part of and building the social movement based on connecting people to the continuum of life.

We seek to keep traditional skills alive as a basis for developing new knowledge systems, weaving them into new ways of redesigning our society.

The land skills hub is not a residential community, it is a community of practice. The hub will be a space for courses, retreats and gatherings held by people who share land skills.

Our Plan:

To co-create a land skills training centre, campaigning and research hub particularly focused on providing a safe, vibrant and nurturing space for all people- including people from marginalised backgrounds, the traveller community, people of colour, low income, migrant, neurodiverse & queer to connect to the land.

Practical skills training will provide inspiration and a progression path towards livelihoods on the land - farming, growing, crafting and building.

Activism skills will engage people in working for land justice, including direct work with land-based Global majority communities across the world.

"We have the opportunity to rebuild a better system in a design so much better than before.

We have the foresight now to bring back nature as part of a just and equitable society, in a new pattern, based on the old knowledge and skills of our ancestors, but more exciting than ever before in history."



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